Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to give your skater an "edge" over their competition by continuing to develop skills with individualized attention not possible in a group setting. Our USFS certified skating instructors on staff are available to privately instruct competitive and recreational skaters on an individualized basis.  Private lessons would occur during a public skate or freestyle session, depending on needs.​Elevate your skater to the next level!

Most of our instructors offer private lessons to all levels, but some do specialize in certain skills and levels.​If you or your skater is interested in working with a coach privately, reach our to our Skating Director to discuss your needs and help set you up with a coach that fits your needs.​Each coach will independently set their own schedule and prices, therefore that would be handled directly between the skater and coach.  In addition to the private lesson fee paid to the coach, skaters are required to pay the rink for admission to the session.


If you would like to set up a lesson with one of our certified figure skating or hockey instructors, please reach out to Chanel at