Path To Hockey

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One of the most frequent questions asked of us is "How do I  start playing hockey?".

Although all people are different and might skip a step or need to repeat a step, we have a general path that we recommend for all to complete at their pace.

Every new hockey player must first learn to skate, so we would recommend taking Hockey 1 and Hockey 2 of our Learn To Skate program.  We would recommend taking these classes in hockey skates and gear if possible, but at a minimum helmet, gloves, elbow pads, and stick.  Keep in mind that one of the most frequent causes for someone to halt their journey to hockey, especially in younger children, is falling and hurting themselves in the very beginning and losing the desire to continue.  A little protective equipment could make the difference in reaching your goal.

Once you have successfully passed the Hockey 1 & 2 curriculums, you will advance to a Learn To Play program where you will continue in your skating development, but now also add hockey specific skills and drills to move you towards your playing dreams!  Adults will advance to our Adult Learn To Play.  Children ages 5-9 with no previous hockey instruction would qualify for and advance to the Future Caps Learn To Play program.  Children outside 5-9 years of age and/or who have already had previous hockey instruction would advance to our Hockey Initiation Program.

Once you have successfully passed the LTP curriculums, adult players would advance to our Adult Hockey League.  Youth players would advance to our Ice Force House Hockey League and ultimately to the Southern Maryland Sabres Hockey Club.

Throughout your journey with hockey, your skating development should always be a focus and priority for you, as it is the primary skill of playing hockey.  Capital Clubhouse will host many clinics and camps throughout the year to help you maintain proficiency and further expand your skills, be sure to keep checking in with us.

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