Learn to Skate

Welcome to the Capital Clubhouse Skating Academy, a nationally-recognized US Figure Skating Basic Skills Program since 2005! Group lessons for all ages and skill levels are based on the US Figure Skating Basic Skills Program.

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LTS #5  

MAR 30/31-MAY 11/12

Classes are FULL - registration for Summer Learn To Skate is OPEN!


LTS #6 Click here for flyer and registration deadline

LTS #7 Click here for flyer and registration deadline

Learn To Skate (LTS) welcomes new and returning skater all year round! You choose between Sunday or Monday classes. 6 consecutive weeks of classes each session. We welcome registrations over the phone. Registration forms are also available at the front desk at the Capital Clubhouse. Call (301) 932 4348 for more information.Ask for Skating Director Sigrid Berge.


Glide Into Spring Basic Skills Competition Package. Open to current members of Capital Clubhouse Skating Academy who do not take private lessons. Click here for the registration form. Deadline: March 31. Please contact Skating Director Sigrid Berge with questions: sberge@capitalclubhouse.com

SUMMER SKATING CAMPS    Click here for complete Camp Flyer

LTS CAMP #1 JUL 7 - JUL 11  Half Day Camp 8am-12pm. Tag along 12-4pm ALL SPORT CAMP 

LTS CAMP #2 JUL 21 - JUL 24  Half Day Camp 8am-12pm. Tag along 12-4pm ALL SPORT CAMP

SUMMER FUN CAMP #1 JUL 14-18   All Day Camp 8am-4pm

SUMMER FUN CAMP #2 AUG 4-8 All Day Camp 8am-4pm


First steps for children age 2-5 and their adult care-giver. Explore the ice in shoes or skates while participating in games to enhance motor skill development. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and a story read aloud in our warm lobby after the ice session. Click here for current Totsicles flyer. Totsicles is not in session June through August. EASTER Totsicles Friday April 11: Easter Eggs and fun on the ice!

Snowplow Sam

Tots age 4-5 venture out with their peers to learn a progression of basic skills in three specially-designed levels: Snow Plow Sam 1, 2 and 3. Snow Plow Sam classes are part of  LTS Basic Skills Group Lessons. For class fee and times click on the link for LTS Basic Skills Session below.

Basic Skills for recreational and figure skating

Children (age 6-12) learn a progression of basic skills to gain confidence, discipline, and knowledge in order to advance to the higher levels of ice hockey and figure skating. Levels span from Basic 1 - 8. Click here for class fee and times.

Ice Hockey Skating Skills

Learn skating skills essential to success in ice hockey.  Prerequisite:  age 6+ and passed Basic 1 using ice hockey skates. Levels span from Hockey 1-4. For class fee and times click on the link for LTS Basic Skills Session above.

Power Skating Class

45 minutes of skating covering the entire ice surface using music and patterns to enhance power, strength, agility and technique. Open to skaters ages 6 and above. Figure and hockey skills. Click here for flyer.

Intro to Figure Skating

Learn jumps, spins, artistic moves, and footwork through six basic free skating levels, then join the advanced JMFS freestyle/moves in the field classes to further hone your skills. Click here for the current JMFS session flyer and class info.

For Teens and Adults (age 13 & up)Basic Skills

Classes exclusively for teens and adults allow skaters to progress at their own rate while being challenged and motivated. Classes cover multiple levels. Follows the same curriculum as Learn to Skate Basis Skills classes. Availability depends on registration configuration.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for both recreational and competitive skaters, youths and adults. Or, take a lesson with a friend! Semi-private lessons are an affordable way to take advantage of the benefits of private lessons.

For more information, or if you are looking for a competitive coach, please contact Skating Director Sigrid Berge at sberge@capitalclubhouse.com for more information or to schedule an evaluation. A private lesson request from is available at front desk.

SYNCHRONIZED SKATING comes to the Capital Clubhouse!

Synchro Skating adds a fun, exciting, and fast paced experience for the Basic Skills Skater. Participants learn to maneuver on the ice as a team and execute specific Synchronized elements and skills as a team. To be eligible for the Synchro Class, skaters must be current enrollees in Basic Skills Group lessons, Pilot Class or Advanced JMFS.

Beginner Synchro: Basic 4-8      Intermediate Synchro: Free Skate 1-6       Fee: $35 ($50 non-resident)