Masquerade Costume
Themed Public Skate

Periodically, we offer themed public skates to add even more fun to our public skate experiences!

Theme possibilities are endless, but include:

  • Halloween Nights

  • Girl/Boy Scout Nights

  • Daddy Daughter Formals

  • Mother Son Formals

  • Decade Spotlight

  • Music Genre Nights

  • Superhero Nights 

  • Endless possibilities.....

Kids with Capes
Private Lessons are not permitted at themed public skate events.
To maintain safety and a family friendly recreational environment, no jumps, spins, routines, hockey sticks or pucks are permitted.
Prior registration is required for all themed public skate events.

Upcoming Events

Girl Scouts Skate.jpg

Girl Scout Skate

December 12

Sunday 2:30-3:50pm

$12 /Girl Scout

Come earn your Ice Skating Fun Badge and build your confidence on the ice with fellow Scouts!  The fee covers admission, skate rental, patch, and donation to SHARE.  Skaters must register in advance.