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Masquerade Costume
Themed Public Skate

Periodically, we offer themed public skates to add even more fun to our public skate experiences!

Theme possibilities are endless, but include:

  • Halloween Nights

  • Girl/Boy Scout Nights

  • Daddy Daughter Formals

  • Mother Son Formals

  • Decade Spotlight

  • Music Genre Nights

  • Superhero Nights 

  • Endless possibilities.....

Kids with Capes
Private Lessons are not permitted at themed public skate events.
To maintain safety and a family friendly recreational environment, no jumps, spins, routines, hockey sticks or pucks are permitted.
Prior registration is required for all themed public skate events.

Upcoming Events

Spooky Skate.png

Spooky Skate:

October 29th

1:50 - 3:20pm


Scout Skate.png

Scout Skate:

November 12th

1:50 - 3:20pm


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