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Learn To Skate

We offer Learn To Skate (LTS) programming year-round for skaters age 3 to adult, where you will receive 7 weeks of instructor led on-ice instruction. 


Whether you want to get ready for a fast paced hockey game, elegant ice routine, or simply be more proficient on the ice for recreation; we have the perfect Learn To Skate class for you!


LTS skaters will receive a public skate pass granting them unlimited FREE access to any Public Skate session during their 7-week class and have access to be involved in our winter and spring shows and competitions. 

Ice Rink
Snowplow Sam: (Age 3-5)

​Snowplow Sam 1-4 is designed for kids under five to build confidence while learning to skate, incorporating fun and games making class time an enjoyable experience for all.  

Basic Skills: (Age 6-Adult)

​Our Basic 1-6 lessons put the FUN in fundamentals as skaters enjoy learning the basics of ice skating.

Free Skate: (Age 6-Adult)

​Pre-Free Skate through Free Skate 6 focus on transitions, spins and jumps. More progressive skating skills like these give more determined skaters the challenges they crave.

Hockey: (Age 6-Adult)

Before you can score a goal, you need to learn to skate. In the hockey program, skaters will learn how to be proficient and agile on the ice.

Ice Dance: (Age 6-Adult)

Skaters will learn the main components of the magic of ice dancing, strengthen edges and turns while skating to music.

Artistry In Motion: (Age 6-Adult)

Choreography, presentation and performance lays the groundwork for figure skaters to express themselves in their own special ways.

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Lesson Details:
  • 7 weeks of 30-45 minute classes per week.

  • Unlimited Public Skates during series.

  • Rental skates provided.

  • FREE patch for each level passed.

  • Written evaluation at end of series.

All skaters must be at least 3 years of age and be able to stand and walk in skates without assistance.

Upcoming Sessions

Learn To Skate:

June 26  (7 Weeks)

Sundays 4pm

$150 /SKATER​