Learn To Hockey Skate

Before new players can score a goal, they need to learn to skate and become quick, agile, and efficient on the ice! 


Our LTS hockey curriculum is divided into 4 levels to help skaters understand the importance of developing skills on both sides; right, left, clockwise, and counter clockwise. 

Hockey 1:
  • Falling and recovery to a balanced, standing position.

  • Proper basic hockey stance.  (forward and backwards)

  • March forward across the ice, 8-10 steps.

  • Two-foot glides and dips from forward marching.

  • Forward swizzles / double c-cuts.  (4-6 in a row)

  • T-push right, then two-foot glide.  (repeat left)

  • Snowplow stop, stationary.

  • BONUS:  Front to back and back to front stationary turns

Hockey 2:

  • Forward strides using 45 degree V-Push.

  • Forward one-foot push and glide.   (right and left)

  • Forward C-cuts:  single leg (R and L) and alternating feet.

  • Backward hustle or march, then glide on two feet.

  • Backward swizzles / double c-cuts.  (4 to 6 in a row)

  • Backward c-cuts: single leg (R and L) and alternating feet.

  • Two foot moving snowplow stop.

  • BONUS:  Scooter pushes on circle.  (Right and Left)

Hockey 3:
  • Lateral crossover march.  (both directions)

  • Forward c-cuts on circle.  (both directions)

  • Forward outside edges on half circles, alternate feet.

  • Forward inside edges on half circles, alternate feet.

  • Backward c-cuts on a circle, both directions.

  • Backward snowplow stop, one foot and two foot v-stop.

  • One foot snowplow stop, introduce 1/4 turn with hips.

  • BONUS:  Forward starts and stops.

Hockey 4:
  • Quick start using forward v-start.

  • Backward one-foot glide, right and left.

  • Forward crossover glides, CW and CCW.

  • Backward crossover glides, CW and CCW.

  • Forward crossovers on a circle, CW and CCW.

  • Backward crossovers on a circle, CW and CCW.

  • Hockey stops with speed, to the left and right.

  • BONUS:  Forward to backward mohawk pivots.

Ice Hockey Player
Hockey Puck & Stick
Lesson Details:
  • 7 weeks of 30 minute classes per week.

  • Unlimited Public Skates during series.

  • Rental skates provided.

  • FREE patch for each level passed.

  • Written evaluation at end of series.

All skaters must be at least 3 years of age and be able to stand and walk in skates without assistance.

Upcoming Sessions

Learn To Hockey Skate:

August 28   (7 Weeks)

Sundays 3:30pm

$150 /SKATER​

Learn To Hockey Skate:

October 23   (7 Weeks)

Sundays 3:30pm

$150 /SKATER​