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Indoor Ice Skating
Homeschool Learn To Skate

Homeschool Skaters now have the opportunity for weekly skating lessons and recreational skating activities during the daytime hours on Friday's. 


Just as with our Learn-To Skate group lessons, homeschool skaters will progress in their skill and level through this program.


All levels and ages welcome!  Skaters are encouraged to participate in the complete series, but may drop-in for a single session if desired.


Skate rental included. 

Registration is required in advance of session.

Snowplow Sam: (Age 3-5)

​Snowplow Sam 1-4 is designed for kids under five to build confidence while learning to skate, incorporating fun and games making class time an enjoyable experience for all.  

Basic Skills: (Age 6-Adult)

​Our Basic 1-6 lessons put the FUN in fundamentals as skaters enjoy learning the basics of ice skating.

Free Skate: (Age 6-Adult)

​Pre-Free Skate through Free Skate 6 focus on transitions, spins and jumps. More progressive skating skills like these give more determined skaters the challenges they crave.

Hockey: (Age 6-Adult)

Before you can score a goal, you need to learn to skate. In the hockey program, skaters will learn how to be proficient and agile on the ice.

Outdoor Ice Skating Rink
Festive Ice Rink
Lesson Details:
  • 7 weeks of 30-minute classes per week.

  • 7 weeks of 30-minute self-paced skate time per week.

  • Rental skates provided.

  • FREE patch for each level passed.

  • Written evaluation at end of series.

Beginner instruction (Snowplow-Basic 3) class begins at 12pm, while advanced skaters enjoy their self-paced skate time.

Advanced instruction (Basic 4+) class begins at 12:30pm, while the beginner skaters enjoy their self-paced skate time.


CCH Skating Academy.png

Homeschool LTS Series:

Starting September 8

Fridays 12-1pm




Homeschool LTS Series:

Starting October 27

Fridays 12-1pm




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