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Hockey Initiation Program

Our Hockey Initiation Program was developed to help young skaters who may not qualify for the Future Caps LTP program benefit from a similar program to get a great start on their way to a life of hockey.

HIP is broken down into a two part series, where you receive necessary gear in each series, along with 7 weeks of hockey instruction from USA Hockey certified coaches.

All participants receive a FREE Stick & Puck pass for unlimited entries during the 7 week series.

We strongly recommend that each participant complete Learn To Skate Hockey 2 or Basic 3 prior to enrolling.

Hockey Player's Outfits
HIP 1 Equipment Received:
  • Jersey

  • Stick

  • Helmet with cage

  • Shin Pads

  • Gloves

  • Elbow pads

* FREE skate rental for the series

Hockey Uniform
HIP 2 Equipment Received:
  • Shoulder pads

  • Hockey pants

  • Hockey socks

  • Equipment bag

* FREE skate rental for the series

Upcoming Sessions

HIP 1 (Summer Series):

July 2 - August 13

$280 /PLAYER

HIP 2 (Summer Series):

July 2 - August 13

$280 /PLAYER