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A Freestyle session is for figure skaters to work on moves-in-the-field, ice dancing, jumps, spins, and routines.  There may be high level skaters on freestyle sessions that are moving fast and performing double and triple jumps, along with complicated footwork and dance patterns.  It is important to look out for all other skaters.


Skaters may take turns playing their music to practice their program.

General Rules


Skaters at Free Skate Level 1 and higher may work independently or with a coach on their routine or skills.

Skaters below a Free Skate level must be working with their coach for the duration of their time on the ice.

All skaters must yield to any skater taking their turn to play music and practice their routine. 


No skater should stay stationary in one spot, nor hang around the center ice or the jumping corners.

The jump harness may only be used when operated by a trained and qualified coach that has approval to do so by the Skating Director.

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Upcoming Sessions


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