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ASPIRE Program

Our ASPIRE Program at Capital Clubhouse is the bridge between Learn To Skate lessons and the Figure Skating Club of Southern MD.

The ASPIRE program marks the transition from skater to figure skater and teaches athletes of all ages the skills they need to make the most out of their figure skating journey. From tips for practicing on your own to a repeatable off-ice warm-up, resources from the Aspire program will help you become the best skater you can be.

We offer a variety of programs throughout the year designed to help skaters learn to train like a figure skater. From edge classes to spin pyramids, you’ll learn how to warm up like a champion, navigate freestyle sessions and practice on your own.

In addition, our ASPIRE Workshops are designed to expose our aspiring skaters to all types of skating as they start their journey to becoming a figure skater, which may include:
  • Choreography
  • Ice Dance
  • Synchronized Skating
  • Theatre On Ice
  • Off Ice Conditioning
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Upcoming Sessions

No session is currently scheduled

Please contact our Skating Director with any interest.