Ice Arena

Fast Action!  Daring Jumps! Great Workout! Experience all of this at the Capital Clubhouse Recreation Center.

Our arena is 200’ x 85’ (NHL-size) surrounded by dasher boards, Plexiglas, and protective netting.  View all the action from our comfortable lobby or our heated balcony.

If you think you feel hockey history when you skate here, you’re right!  Our dasher boards came to us from the Washington Capitals and have seen hundreds of NHL games at the former USAirways Arena!

The professional staff at the Capital Clubhouse is constantly working to provide you with the best quality ice.  But how does the ice stay frozen?  Underneath is up to 11 miles of cooling pipe covered with sand.  Through the pipe runs high density salt water (brine) to maintain the ice temperature no higher than 23 degrees.

The smooth surface is created by our Olympia ice resurfacing machine.  Often generically called the zamboni, the machine simultaneously washes, shaves, and floods the ice surface with nearly 150 gallons of water for each clean sheet of ice.

We hope you enjoy our is here for you year ‘round.  So enjoy skating with us during the fall and winter, but don’t forget to chill out here during your summer break!

Teachers:  ask us about a unique field trip opportunity for your students to learn more about the art and science of how ice is made and maintained!