COVID-19 Safety

Like many businesses across our country, we have been following the state and federal guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, while also providing the best level of service possible during these difficult times. With that said, we want to make you aware that we are instituting many additional safety procedures to protect everyone who comes in contact with our facility. Much research and reflection has gone into these important decisions as we take our responsibility to you and our staff very seriously. ​The guidelines we have adopted are for your safety and the safety our staff.  It is imperative you adhere to our guidelines.  Please keep in mind as new guidelines and recommendations by the state and CDC, we will adapt and modify these guidelines.


Masks/Face Coverings must be worn at all times while indoors except swimming or a bonafide safety risk.  Wearing a mask is required with all physical activities indoors, including strenuous exercise.  If a person can’t do the activity with a mask, they must modify their behavior or activity.  If needed a person can step away from others to remove their mask, get a drink, catch their breath, etc. but must put the mask back in place before continuing activity.

What to Expect When You Return to Capital Clubhouse

  • Follow ALL signage throughout the Clubhouse: Social distancing, directional and policy signage will be posted and must be followed at all times

  • All staff will wear/use face covering

  • Barriers: Sneeze guards have been installed at front desk

  • Enter through exterior far right side main double sliding doors, staff and signage will be there to greet patrons and provide direction

  • There will be no lost and found

  • Use of locker rooms and showers is prohibited (temporarily)

  • Absolutely no spitting in the facility

  • Public water fountains will NOT be available, please bring your own water bottle

  • Ice machines are not available for public use

  • Face coverings are required for spectators. Program participants must wear a face covering until their program begins

  • Restrooms are open but you must maintain social distancing standards at all times

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your event and you must leave immediately/no later than 15 minutes after your event

  • There will be 30-minute breaks between each ice/sport event

  • Do not arrive more than 15 minutes early for your event

  • Be Advised: We will sanitize the facility between usages with sprayers containing a disinfectant- in accordance with the latest CDC guideline’s

  • There will be 6 hand sanitizing stations for your convenience

  • All program registration will be done on-line with no exception


Infection Control Strategies

All programs and activities will follow the most current prevention and mitigation strategies to slow and limit COVID-19 exposure and spread, to include:

1.Social distancing:

  • 6 feet between yourself and others, even when you wear a face covering. (About 2 arms' length) from other people. Floor markings will be present as a reminder

  • All lobby area tables can be used by one spectator/patron per table utilizing the maximum distance (opposite side of the table or bench).

2. Face coverings: should be worn by staff and patrons, as follows:

  • Staff should wear face coverings when interacting with other staff, parents, and skaters/patrons, unless it is not safe to do so, especially when social distancing is not possible.  

  • Patrons/patrons age 9 and older should wear face coverings indoors if they can be worn safely and consistently.

3.  Hand hygiene;

4.  Cough and sneeze hygiene;

5.  Practice proper use, removal, and washing of cloth face coverings;

6.  Provide policies and education on COVID-19 symptoms and response;

7.  Avoid use of items that are not easily cleaned and disinfected;

8.  Ensure adequate supplies of tissues, hand soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, EPA approved cleaning products for COVID-19 disinfection suited for the facility;

9.  Effective cleaning and disinfection of surfaces;

10.  Clear signage and communications.

11.  In order to protect everyone at the Capital Clubhouse, staff reserves the right to ask patrons to leave the premises if they are not following Maryland Heath Department guidelines and Capital Clubhouse rules and policies.


Food Service Operations   

For any events at Capital Clubhouse, the following rules will apply regarding food operations:

1.  Food services are discontinued at the Capital Clubhouse until further notice.

2.  Once food services resume, no shared items such as serving utensils or condiment containers is allowed.

3.  There will be no self-service (buffet-style) food options available.

4.  Physical distancing must be maintained while skaters/campers are waiting for food service.


Skating and Summer Camp Programs

All skating and youth camp programs shall implement the following:

1. Capital Clubhouse will maintain a 50% programming capacity. In accordance with Maryland state executive order, the group size for skating programs/summer camps shall be limited to 25 individuals.  

2.  If a skating program/summer camp has more than one group of 25, the group shall have at least one adult per group.

3.  If a skating program/summer camp has two or more groups: 

  • Each group shall have at least 1 adult.

  • Skaters/Patrons or staff will not mix among groups.  

  • To the extent possible, arrival and departure times of skaters/campers shall be staggered to prevent crowding.  

  • Each group will be kept separate from other groups using physical distance or by using shared areas at different times. (i.e. separate mealtimes or separate bathroom times for each group)  

  • If different groups share areas (bathroom, lunch tables, craft room), high touch surfaces will be cleaned in the shared area between groups and a log of the cleaning date, time and individual who does the cleaning will be maintained.  

  • Individuals with a higher risk for severe illness if they contract COVID-19 shall discuss the risks with their healthcare provider before attending or staffing the skating/summer camp program. (see   

4.  Response and Management for COVID-19 

Management of Staff Exposed to COVID-19:

  • i.  Staff who are exposed to COVID-19 may not work.  They must be isolated until they complete quarantine following CDC guidance.  

  •  ii.  Staff who develop suspected or laboratory confirmed COVID-19 may not return until they are cleared from isolation by a health care professional.

  • iii. Staff that has traveled outside the country will not be allowed to return for 14 day after their return state side.

Management of Patrons/Campers Exposed to COVID-19:

  • Patrons/campers who are exposed to COVID-19, or who develop suspected or laboratory confirmed COVID-19, may not attend skating program/summer camp until cleared by a healthcare provider. 

  • The members of the group shall quarantine following CDC guidelines.

  • Individuals may not work at or attend until completing self-quarantine and obtaining clearance from the individual’s primary care physician.

  • Follow exposure control plans in the camp's health program.

  • Communicate with the local health department and parents.

  • Based on consultation with the local health department, the entire facility may be closed based on level of contact and potential exposure. 

  • Wait 24 hours, then complete extra cleaning/disinfection of the facility, to include all surfaces, and wait at least 5 days to bring in the next group.   

  • If a staff member or a child develops symptoms of COVID-19 during camp, safely isolate the person and place a mask or face covering.  Contact the youth camp’s health supervisor and the parent/guardian and arrange for safe transportation to a healthcare facility or home.



Initially, we will offer a limited schedule and occupancy, reflecting Charles County policies and following the “Return to Play” guidelines and recommendations from Maryland’s Sports Commission.  All program participants will adhere to social distancing policies when entering the Capital Clubhouse.  Each skater is allowed only one guest.



Public Skate: 25 skaters per session.  Online registration is required, masks to be worn at all times. Skate rental also available to rent at the time of registration.

Freestyle Skate: Limited to max of 125 skaters (including instructors), per online registration guidelines.  Only one parent or guardian may attend per skater.

Learn to Skate:  This has begun, folks must register online.

Stick n Puck: Limited to a max of 25 skaters/coaches.  Only one parent or guardian may attend per skater. No sharing of equipment. Online registration required (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Youth Hockey: Practices will be limited to 30 players (in groups of 10, distanced from one another).

Adult Hockey:  Limited to 30 skaters 

What to Expect When You Return to the Ice Rink:

  • Come to the rink dressed, you can put your skates on in designated areas

  • Be sure you are on time for your ice usage, we have a very tight schedule

  • No changing on the rink concourse

  • Face coverings are required for spectators. Program participants must wear a face covering until their program begins

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your event and you must leave immediately/no later than 15 minutes

  • There will be 30-minute breaks between each ice/sport event

  • All coaches are required to wear face covering

  • Figure Skating coaches must be off the ice, no skating with students

  • No outside coaches/instructors


Sports court will operate only for contracted sports teams (following all rules mentioned previously) until further notice with no drop-in activity at this time. We are now accepting rental groups.



All policies and procedures are being developed in accordance with CDC and state requirements. Please bear with us as guidelines are evolving and know that we have your safety and best interest at the forefront of our decisions. We look forward to working with each of you again.

Bottom line, our goal is to keep EVERYONE safe, while at the same time maximizing participation in our available events.  We want all our patrons to have FUN while being SAFE!!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly.



Jason Castiglia

General Manager, Capital Clubhouse

Rink Management Services Corporation